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Dr. Allan Lindsley was raised on a small dairy farm in north-central Wisconsin.  Being raised in a rural setting, he spent most of his time outdoors and in nature.  He participated in multiple sports in high school and competed multiple times for track in the state finals.  Due to his farming background and an interest in fixing mechanical things, he attended the University of Minnesota’s engineering program.  He graduated in 1994 with a BSME and proceeded to work as a mechanical engineer for three different companies over an 8 year period.  In 1999, his father was killed at the age of 57 in a farm accident.  He had watched his father’s health decline for several years not understanding what the cause was even though he was on 9 medications during this time.  


Dr Allan’s journey began as he watched his father’s life slowly slip away without any answers from traditional medicine. This energized Dr. Allan to search for answers for chronic illnesses and Lyme Disease, ultimately creating his own solution of five tincture formulas. These are the same products that he used to help many patients including Dr. Todd Watts cofounder of Microbe Formulas/CellCore Biosciences, to overcome his personal struggle with Lyme. These proprietary formulations are now part of the CellCore foundational product lines that are available across the globe helping many regain their health including those who suffer from Lyme Disease, batteling this pandemic one patient at a time.

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Each Formula was created based upon a demand for high quality natural medicine to support the body's ability to heal from various pathogens and parasites. We focus on producing the highest quality herbal tinctures by using ethnically sourced certified organic raw materials to create an outstanding finished product. Our facility manufactures tinctures in small batches, to ensure quality, consistency and superior medicinal properties. Dr Allan's Nature's Pharmacy was always striving for excellence within all aspects of the company and the products it produced.

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