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Our History

Midwest Natural Healing Center originated from Lindsley Chiropractic and Nature's Pharmacy. The duo was founded by Dr. Allan Lindsley and their purpose was to develop and create products that would help individuals suffering from Lyme Disease and Lyme co-infections as well as general health and well-being products birthing a "True Clinician Experience for patients today as they receive treatments at the center.

In 2002, Dr. Allan Lindsley DC decided to rededicate his life as a natural doctor to help people get to the cause of health issues rather than trying to treat the symptoms.  He attended Parker College of Chiropractic and became involved in advanced techniques obtaining over 500 hours of training in Applied Kinesiology.  He graduated as salutatorian in December 2004 and moved to Wichita Kansas where he worked under Dr. Milton Dowty who was the creator of CPK, an advanced kinesiology technique.  


In 2007 he moved back to Wisconsin and started a new practice based in Applied Kinesiology.  It became 

apparent that many of his patients were suffering from some sort of chronic illness that was not being 

properly diagnosed or treated in the medical field.  He discovered that this chronic hidden illness was Lyme Disease.  After testing himself, he realized he was also suffering from the same symptoms his patients were presenting with and began searching for a natural treatment plan.  In his search, he began researching and reading about various herbs that were potentially helpful in the treatment of Lyme Disease.  After using Applied Kinesiology testing on patients with hundreds of herbs and combinations of herbs, he developed a line of herbal tinctures that naturally treat the bacteria and parasites associated with Lyme Disease.  


He started a new company in 2009 called Natures Pharmacy that developed herbal products for the treatment of people suffering from Lyme Disease.  He became aware of the need to teach other doctors how to diagnose and treat their patients suffering from Lyme and developed a test kit and a course for teaching doctors this technique in 2011.  


In 2018 after teaching over 100 doctors the testing and treatment techniques used by Dr. Allan Lindsley, he joined forces with Dr. Todd Watts and CellCore Biosciences and began testing and developing products in the areas of detoxification and mitochondrial function.  


He currently lectures, does webinars, podcasts including “Tru Detox”, and live “ECO” Events with topics on Lyme Disease, Glyphosates, Mitochondria, and Cellular functions, and more through these collaborative efforts promoting whole-body health with foundational products that work.


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